We intend to implement an anonymous cryptocurrency that is based on the setup-free ZK-ConSNARK cryptographic function. Our cryptocurrency at first will have a Mimblewimble-like structure albeit based on groups of unknown order. We will then extend our implementation to privacy-preserving smart contracts.

Extremely small, constant size transactions, and efficient verification of ZK-ConSNARK

Set-up free ZK-ConSNARK makes it truly trustless and secure

A SuterVM containing all the necessary technical modules for developing confidential payments under various payment models and cross-chain scenarios

An interoperable mainchain to connect all the anonymous digital assets derived from the ecosystem to guarantee their maximum liquidity

Quo sera based consensus and liquid decentralized meritocracy for on-chain governance

Token Economics and Distribution

The economic model of our currency is deflation based. In the early stages, the validators will be paid with fee for their efforts. The fee payment process will be accompanied by a proportional burning mechanism similar to Bancor. With the development of our system, we envision our ecosystem can offer more sophisticated services to users other than just payment transactions.

Use Cases

Instant development of
privacy-preserving blockchain

Privacy-preserving on-
chain voting

blockchain-based auction

Anonymous digital
asset management